My gear in a nutshell.

Where to start? My friends accuse me for not being able to control myself when it comes to off roading but, seriously… I can’t help it! I have to find new places, explore, get into new adventures! Where to? Anywhere. Just let me explore.

As the time passes I will review all my gear and update this article to let you guys know what I am using and how. Now it’s a small review with no pics, just to put everything out there and review it soon enough.

First things first. I love knives and flashlights. I have a dozen of flashlights but I will review only the two main I use. The same goes for my knives. I have big, small, different colors but I will review my two favorites.

I have lots of things but I can’t recall all of them. I try not to take with me what I don’t use. That is my rule. Moreover, I try to buy best quality products for my survival situations. I like putting my self in trouble and even though I have loads of gear, I tend to use only my knife. By doing so, I train myself to be prepared all the time. It takes time to light a prepare a fire, or eat but I enjoy it. The best quality products means more expensive stuff most of the time. So, maybe sometimes it takes time to buy something e.g. a good knife, but it’s totally worth it. Please invest in quality than quantity. Furthermore, having many things with you, which means being heavy, it’s not ideal in off roading or survival situations.

I take my 4×4 truck almost everywhere so I try to be as ready as possible.

Here is the list with most of the gear I have and soon I will review all of it.

2 Led lensers. The T7M , the tactical small one and the P14 which is bigger. I am suing the T7M for my off raoding and for fire rescuing. It’s a powerful small flashlight. The P14 is also really strong but with less functions.

1 survival, Commando Aitor and 1 multikit knife, Leatherman Charge. I have a Swiss Army knife in my medkit and other knives in different positions, just in case my main knife is destroyed or something goes wrong. Better safe than sorry.

Recovery straps:
I have 2 orange recovery straps (Don’t remember the brand but good enough for off roading).

Yaesu VX-7R.  Great radio. Submesrible, trustworthy and more!

I mostly try to use Gor-tex because of their great quality and good designs but I also have many no-name clothes because I don’t mind when they get dirty.

Aku. These Italian made boots saved me so many times over the years. After 9 years, I’m still using them! I have been to Greece, Bulgaria, Japan and Mongolia with these boots. Well done Aku, well done.

The cheapest in the market. A black, plastic bag, that holds 20 liters or water. It’s so freaking convenient. Add some water, leave it by the fire (winter time) or under the sun (summer time) and you have hot water! Tadaa!

I don’t even know the name of my super cheap tent. I bought it 12 Euros (around 12 dollars). It’s a summer tent. I don’t feel cold usually so I am totally fine with that. I have the same tent for 7 years now and slept in a snow blizzard, it still stands! For my tent pegs I use the “cross” type that is really strong and can handle some hammering even on rocks. When I am about to camp I don’t want to spend much time “building” things up. I want things to be fast and easy. So, strong pegs, means fast job. The next morning I will go to explore new places, so sleeping is the least of my hunger problems! hahaha… In case I am staying for longer periods, I usually make adjustments the next day since I already know how was the first night. Adjustments will be made for sure!

Another no-name produt. Bought it from a local store. More than useful.

Gear – Boxes:
I use many IKEA see-through boxes to put my stuff inside, such as spare batteries, or fishing hooks, or salt / pepper etc. I have 1 big box for extra gear and one smaller for food stuff. That depends on you, your car design, your strength etc. I don’t mind lifting big boxes.

Table – chairs:
I have a combination of a table and chairs. It’s a set altogether. I found that I hardly use it because I mostly use rocks, or just sitting in the entrance of my tent. It’s more relaxing. It’s… I don’t know exactly, but it makes me happier! Feels like embracing nature. But I think I will buy something to use for sitting. Any recommendations?

Sleeping bags – mats:
I have 4 no name yoga mats for my 4 people summer tent that I use all year round! I don’t use all the mats at the same time but I have them just in case I need more.. Another no name summer sleeping bag. My latest baby is a double, actually king size, inflated mattress. Oh boy… It takes around 5′ to fully inflate with the small pump I have, but, oh boy! I sleep like a baby in any direction I like! It’s so soft!


I have a CANON EOS 7D body and several lenses that I use. The proudest acquisition I have is the Sigma 50-500 lens. But that’s another story I will write about another time!

My full review of my gear will come out shortly, with many pics and ideas!

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