Travelling to Sweden

Recently I was given the opportunity to travel to Sweden and I was there till the end of January. Although many people told me I visited the wrong season I think I enjoyed it very much because it was not crowded and could take my pictures with my own pace with not many distractions.

I enjoyed very much the weather because I love cold environments. …like my soul! Sweden is a nice country that will be analyzed in the next chapter. The first chapter is, as always, pictures!

Sweden in full of islands connected together but people have a different perspective here! They call the sea either a river or a lake. Around 99% of the water you see is connected somehow to the sea. Maybe not as salty as the see but you can travel by boat when it’s not frozen! These days was so cold that everything froze and people enjoyed walking on the icy rivers!

Trains and public transportation is quite nice actually! On the positive side, you have trains that are brand new (at least they look new) and really make no sound as the travel at high speeds. They are warm enough and you enjoy the ride. Buses are also quite comfortable and you don’t have to worry about the stopping distance from the sidewalk. The drivers really stop the buses so close to the sidewalk that you don’t have to move. On the negative aspect of this, sometimes you get wet or muddy because of their big tires.

If you are afraid of ice and snow… you shouldn’t. Swedish people have invented a smart way to walk on ice. Instead of throwing salt on the road or on the sidewalk as some countries do, they throw small-sized chopped gravel. So easy and I believe more sustainable than salt, that destroys the asphalt. To be fair though, Japan is even more sustainable because the use water pipes installed on the sides of the road and as a result they clear the roads. I heard that during spring or summer Swedish have to clean the roads from the gravel so that is the non sustainable part.

Soon I will upload all the details of the pictures, lenses, camera etc.


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